Top Five Reasons Why Rockstar Businesses Run on the Cloud

Recently, EMCO Technology designed a network and data storage structure for a client’s new office space. Previously, the company managed and maintained a whole server rack. When the office moved, so did the company’s IT – to the EMCO Private  Cloud. EMCO’s team wired up the new office and this client now only requires a small equipment rack to efficiently and securely handle its entire tech operation.

Here’s why moving your business to the cloud is a smart IT move.

1. Cost Effectiveness
The cost savings free up funds that can be used for business growth and development. Some experts cite that Cloud-based computing is 1.7 times more cost-efficient than on-site operations.  Equipment and staffing costs are slashed, and the expense of equipment and software maintenance and upgrades are far less.

2. Security

The Cloud is like a data bodyguard and backup singer, all in one.
In addition to maintaining super-high security standards (ask EMCO about their outstanding data security protocols), businesses on the Cloud can also minimize file loss due to human error or file corruption, and rely on versions stored on the Cloud, just in case.

3. Improved Collaboration
Whether they’re writing music or RFP’s, your staff can work together more efficiently and productively. When your team can collaborate in real-time, with access to files of any size. (No longer will they have to wait for files to appear in their email inbox.) The Cloud offers your employees the opportunity tow work together, even when they’re not together, in an organized way. It’s a real win for your business.

4. It Is Remotely Possible
On tour or in the office, employees can access the Cloud from anywhere.
Businesses today find their team members work at home, in the office, and on the road. Working in multiple locations used to slow productivity down, since staff couldn’t access their work unless they were in front of their office machine. But now, when your company runs on the Cloud, your employees can snag their files wherever they’re working, improving communication and productivity.

5. Privacy, Please.
Don’t fit your business into someone else’s Cloud structure. A private Cloud offers you a tailor-made work environment, with zero down-time.
For some companies, a “private Cloud” is an ideal solution. “When we build a private Cloud for a client, we take their existing software, and sometimes hardware, and evolve it into our data center,” says EMCO Technology President + CEO Emil Pilacik, Jr. “The result is a very similar way of operating so that all employees don’t have a totally new learning curve for doing the same work.”

How do you transition to a private Cloud? First, EMCO’s team relocates the entire technology stack into the EMCO data center on a Friday night. On Monday morning, staff can immediately get back to work – with minimal changes and disruption – even though all their technology is being handled in a totally different place. “Over time we work with the client to optimize or build different solutions to replace older and aging systems,” continues Pilacik. The goal, he says, is to decrease the complexity of the network servers and increase the accessibility of the company’s data over a broader, more connected employee base.

Learn more about Cloud computing, and a private Cloud environment for your business. Contact Emil Pilacik, Jr. at (215) 547-7904 or send a message here.