Backup and Disaster Recovery

As a leading-edge company, you shouldn’t have to deal with forced downtime.

With state-of-the-art Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR), your systems are replicated virtually to EMCO’s private cloud. We will not outsource your information or replicate your data to third-party hosted storage. Your data is safely stored and contained on-site in EMCO-controlled data center facilities.

Server crashes, power outages, property damage, or any other unexpected breaks in continuity can wreak havoc on your profitability. But with EMCO, your critical IT systems and networks can be back up and running in time to maintain your bottom line!

Looking through a screen at 2 EMCO techs working on a server

EMCO is always prepared for the unexpected.

We “backup your backup” in a second physical location and environment so that your business is never in danger of data loss. In the event of a disastrous incident, our expert Backup and Disaster Recovery technicians are trained to prevent you from suffering days of lost profits and rebuilding.

Ransomware or other malicious attacks have no bearing on your productivity with our streamlined BDR procedures. We deliver your data back into your hands so that you can maintain your organization’s commitment to building profit and serving clients.

Keep Your Business Moving:


Realtime Local Virtualization

With servers creating a mirror image of your data in the background, nothing can come between you and your productivity.


Rapid Off-Site Replication

If your system goes down, you can access your systems and data remotely via our cloud services and proceed with business as usual.


End-to-End Encryption

Your data is never vulnerable to malicious agents, as our in-transit encryption transforms data into an unreadable format, only unlockable by the intended recipient.