Emil Pilacik, Jr.

photo of EMCO Technology President and CEO Emil Pilacik, Jr

EMCO Technology President and CEO Emil Pilacik, Jr: Technology Maverick and Business Strategist

EMCO Technology President and CEO Emil Pilacik, Jr. is a long-serving IT and computer networking visionary whose innovation changed the market. Exhibiting such technological brilliance in a new field at such a young age, he was always the go-to guy amongst his peers. He has long had a knack and passion for computer engineering, and he was only one of two engineering technology students out of a class of 28 to graduate from the private technical institute Spring Garden College. Now, having founded and built one of the most prestigious luxury IT firms, he is the point man when it comes to developing IT solutions for leading businesses in industries across the board.

Finding a Better Approach to Business Strategy

Part of what has earned Emil the trust of heavy hitters and industry leaders is his wide-lens approach to business strategy, spanning much farther than just IT. Having built EMCO Technology from the ground up, he knows exactly what it takes to start, finance, and maintain a successful business, and he knows the value of only selling you what your company needs. Being the leader of a business, he also recognizes the need for managers to take a step away. He is driven to provide the support necessary to allow CEOs to live a life unburdened by excessive pressure to run all parts of their company.

Ahead of the Curve

Emil has long been a pioneer in the world of IT, technology, and computer engineering, often spotting trends in their infancy. This mindset grants him a leg up on the competition. He is ahead of the news when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and he has an innovative approach to every task, with a proficiency for risk management that accounts for all potential for deviation. His track record for success makes him the perfect partner for forwarding-thinking leaders.

A Mechanic’s Precision

With a passion for car mechanics – and a particular fondness for Ferraris – Emil showcases incredible prowess when it comes to car maintenance and repair. He enjoys how the more work you put into a car, the better it performs for you. As EMCO Technology President and CEO,  Emil Pilacik, Jr.’s  approach to computer engineering and IT solutions have evolved from this mechanical mindset in that he can mentally visualize how things operate and what is needed to achieve a task.

A Family Man

Emil is a devoted husband and father to two daughters – a cross-continental missionary and a fellow mechanic – and four stepchildren. He is also charitable, frequently supporting veterans, faith-based organizations, and special needs programs. This stems from his strong desire to be a provider. He extends these family values to his staff, granting them incredible benefits and even going as far as to repair their vehicles for them.

For these reasons and more, Emil is considered an extraordinary leader, business strategist, and partner. Businesses who team with him will reap the benefits of his progressive ideas, strong values, and successful thinking. If you require consultation from one of the most brilliant technological powerhouses in the field, look no further than Emil and his unorthodox approach to life.