The Three Tenets of Luxury IT: Why It’s a Luxury You Can Afford

When you hear the word “luxury,” what comes to mind? Exclusivity. Premier quality.  Customization. Ease and convenience. Freedom.  Luxury is a concept that defines what we all strive for: the opportunity to do what we want, without worry.

Consumers of Luxury IT experience just that when it comes to their business technology.  They work with confidence, wherever they want, knowing their IT is designed to help them achieve success now and the future.  And their IT service provider is obsessively committed to that success, too.  That’s Luxury IT.

What are the components of Luxury IT that make it so unique?

Tenet 1: Zero Down Time Commitment

When your technology works smoothly and efficiently, your business is poised to reach your objectives.  But when it experiences a failure, and your technology is down, it’s a frustrating, costly mess.

Andrew T. Gilinsky, CPA, PFS, MBA, CFP of Clairmont Paciello & Co., PC , an accounting firm, explains the import of Zero Downtime for his business.  EMCO Technology “manages the problem, mainly after hours, so we are not disrupted during normal working hours, with little disruption,” he says.  “They are [also] extremely sensitive to our tax season, and perform maintenance prior to tax season to ensure a smooth season with no computer issues. They have designed and implemented an offsite backup solution which can be utilized in an emergency. Luckily, this has not been necessary.” 

Luxury IT centers around minimizing disruption to your workday by designing premier-quality IT plans for each specific client, using exceptional equipment and unsurpassed knowledge and experience to improve security, prevent outages, and implement updates and upgrades.  While you work with your technology seamlessly, everyday, your Luxury IT provider is working invisibly, around the clock, to ensure it works as it should.

Tenet 2: Dedicated Network Technicians

Many IT Managed Services providers utilize a first-available model of service, which means you’ll receive the Technician who is currently available or closest to your location at the time of your support request.  While it may be immediately convenient, that Technician probably doesn’t know you, understand the complexities of your business and your goals.  They probably haven’t designed your IT strategy, so they need to familiarize themselves with the equipment and layout on-the-job.  This can not be a time consuming process, and may also put you at a disadvantage when it comes to determining the best solutions.

“I cannot express to you how knowledgeably and professionally our EMCO on-site technician has performed, and how much they have contributed to our success,” says Samuel Kupperstein, CPA, Controller at Atlantic American Fire Equipment.

Luxury IT requires that each client is served by one primary Network Technician.  With this best practice, EMCO Technology builds relationships with the company leadership and employees, and designs strategies and solutions to meet – and exceed – their needs and expectations.  Troubleshooting occurs more quickly and problems are resolved in a top-quality manner (which means no short-term fixes), because the Technician knows the needs of the company and its people, and understands the technology inside and out.

Tenet 3: Understanding Makes IT More Valuable

Technology is complicated, confusing, and even intimidating to many of us.  Though we’re reliant on it, it’s very difficult to understand how it works.  But with a basic understanding of how the technology works, we not only value it more, but we may also minimize (if not prevent) technology complications that can slow business down.

Deb Juliano, Director of Recruitment for The Columbus Organization, states it well.  “Our EMCO Technician is so understanding and patient with us non-IT folks, and has such a soothing demeanor when working through even  the smallest of IT things with us.”

Luxury IT emphasizes education and understanding for Clients, to help them better grasp the value of their IT investment, understand how it works and how to maintain it properly, from an end-user standpoint.  When we better comprehend our investment, it becomes even more important, more valuable, and far less intimidating.

Overall, Luxury IT is a luxury you can afford.  From reliable technology that allows you to work smoothly and worry-free, to the relationship you build with your Network Technician, who will not only design and build the system you need, but who will also take the time to explain it to you.  Luxury IT takes the stress, worry, and guesswork out of managing your technology, and replaces it with calm, confident, total technology care that lets you focus on the business at hand: your business.