Cloud Solutions For Business: Can Your Company Benefit?

Do you utilize cloud solutions for business and if not, is outsourcing to the cloud smart for you? Cloud solutions for business: can your company benefit?  We say yes!

The benefits of outsourcing cloud services come down to cost and efficiency.  The three main business functions (Email, File Storage, and Business Applications) are the most common data pieces outsourced to cloud services. Without the cloud, the corresponding groups of data for these three functions would have to be stored on an onsite server.  But do cloud solutions for business make sense for your company?

There are substantial costs and inconveniences when purchasing and maintaining a dedicated server, other hardware, and software internally. Your company must be prepared to pay for the cost of labor, set-up, and maintenance of the server and other IT infrastructure and assets.  Consider this:


    • Servers generally need to be replaced within five years at a significant cost
    • Hardware and software need to be maintained, requiring updates and maintenance at regular intervals.
    • There is significant cost associated with using the business application software
    • As technology grows so does the need for experienced technicians with an increasingly diverse range of technical competencies.

Using cloud solutions, your small business can instead pay for the reduced cost of cloud services as opposed to a dedicated server and the costs associated with onsite IT resources.

EMCOs cloud solutions are convenient, secure and easy to integrate into your existing network. This makes it possible for your employees to easily access their files and applications when working remotely.

Cloud services automatically sync and update, so your files are always ready when you need them on all of your devices no matter where the day takes you. Cloud services are easily scalable, so they can immediately grow with your company’s needs as opposed to the time-consuming processes of hiring new IT personnel and buying updated/upgraded IT assets.

We optimize cybersecurity by ensuring that all systems and applications are updated and patched regularly. The cloud makes it easier to practice good cyber hygiene, which will help protect your company against current and future cyber threats.  Cloud services also serve the important function of backing up company data and services. Since your cloud is hosted in secure facilities with numerous backup and restore options, it is possible to quickly restore operations in the aftermath of a man-made or natural disaster. Best of all, EMCO Cloud Services meet a number of regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley and more!

When it comes to maintenance, as we monitor your cloud services 24/7, we’ll  advise you on when to upgrade to new options that best suit your company’s objectives and budget. Our knowledge and experience makes us uniquely qualified to continually test and fine tune the output of your cloud-based and onsite IT assets in order to maintain the highest level of performance and security.

Finally, we understand that not everyone has the expertise in their own company to understand the purchasing, usage, maintenance and security of cloud computing. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and not everything in your business needs to run on the cloud. For many small business, a hybrid approach may be best. EMCO techs have the expertise to assess your unique organizational needs and make the most cost-effective and operationally effective recommendations on cloud solutions for you.

Think your company can benefit from cloud services?

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