Discerning the hype of AI and ChatGPT for your business

ChatGPT has become all the rage and has generated a lot of discussion about artificial intelligence and its use and application in business.  We may want to think our business is immune or doesn’t need AI, but we are here to tell you why being in the know about AI and carefully considering its application will keep your business safe and give you the cutting edge.

You’re already being impacted like it or not.

The news is full of stories of Law Firms being fined for using ChatGPT to write law briefs that are found to have fictious case citations.  We have heard of stories of people using ChatGPT to write their news articles, product reviews or content that is intended to influence us.  Cybercriminals use AI to write convincing Phishing emails, to create fake content, and improve their ability to lure you into their scams.

You’re probably using AI and don’t realize it.

AI is already in use in your business.  Consider the technology you’re using; high-end spam filters and antivirus use AI. Voice search products like Siri and Alexa,  lead generation products that provide intuitive data and CRM tools with predictive analysis are all examples of products using AI technology.

Why ChatGPT is all the rage.

ChatGPT is Generative AI.  Generative AI is the ability to take data and manipulate it to create new data such as text, analysis, imagery, audio, coding.  Generative AI is synthetic data.  Sir Paul McCarthy just used AI to record the “final Beatles record” using John Lennon’s voice (data) he had from prior recording and “creating” new content from that data.

Why Generative Data important to business.

Fusing your technology and operations leaders together will produce powerful outcomes when focused on this technology; content for your business can be easily created, you can increase productivity through process and operation automation, and enhance customer engagement.  All data gathered can also be used to improve decisions you are making.  Early adopters of this technology that are creatively applying its endless application will put themselves at the forefront of their industries.

There are risks of using AI for my business.

Being an early adopter most likely means there is no framework or regulatory process for AI use in your industry.  Being thoughtful and responsible in the implementation and usage of AI is critical.  You want to be the success use case, not the one that hits the news in a scandal.  Make sure that everything being created is reliable and authentic.  We must make sure that we’re protecting our businesses and our customers from ethical issues and the privacy issues that are sure to arise from all this data being harvested.  Businesses should also consider job displacement issues that AI creates and what that means for our staff and culture.

EMCO can help you plan for AI in your business.

EMCO has experience with AI and its applications, we stay current on use cases for different industries.  EMCO can consult with your operations team to discuss ideas and applications, well as risks.  EMCO specializes in applying technology to support routine and repetitive tasks, that can be automated.

By the way…. this post was written by a human! 🙂