Get Your Tech On Track for the New Year

December is the time to finalize your technology plans and goals for the coming year.  Here are some tips to making next year the most efficient, effective year yet for your business technology.

Take Advantage of Year-End Discounts & Incentives
Manufacturers want to close their fiscal/calendar year on a high note, so hardware discounts and incentives are often available.  If possible, consider making larger technology purchases capital expenses in your budget; this type of purchase may count as a deduction on your taxes, as long as the purchases are invoiced, or you’ve partially paid for the purchase, prior to the start of the new year.*

Consider Industry Changes & Company Goals
Review current technology trends and upcoming industry-specific regulation changes, if applicable.  Discuss with your in-house and/or managed services provider if the new tech would mesh with your company’s needs and goals and if it complies with industry requirements.   

“The technology discussions that we have with businesses really set the tone for the new year,” says Emil Pilacik, Jr., president + CEO of EMCO Technology, Inc., in Levittown, Pennsylvania. “Our customers ask great questions, and the conversations are very important and insightful as we create their technology plan for the new year.” 

Your Tech is On Track
Developing a proactive plan for the next 12 months gives you an opportunity to enjoy the holidays with a sense of calm.  You’ll be confident about what is currently running in your server rooms or in the Cloud, and you’ll be prepared with strategic, technology-related next steps for the new year.

 Ensure your technology will support your efforts for the upcoming year.  Consider a quick discussion – either in person or over the phone – with EMCO Technology.  It’s not too late to enjoy the holidays, secure in the knowledge that experts are monitoring your tech during this busy season, and ready to support your continued business success next year.

*Not intended to be tax advice. Consult your tax professional for details.


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