This One is For Our Accounting Friends

We recently received a call from an  accountant, who wanted a second opinion  after his firm’s server had experienced an intrusion that resulted in malware being placed on the server.  This  gave the intruder access to customer’s names, birth dates, addresses, social security numbers, tax returns,  and other information used to file returns.  He wanted our professional advice as he felt his IT had missed something critical in his security.

After the fact, we had to help this firm notify their customers of new procedures to prevent this from happening in the future.

ONLY AFTER BEING HACKED, did the firm decide it was worth their money and time to enhance their data security procedures.  ONLY NOW are they looking for malicious code to remove from their system, enable extra levels of security and upgrading their security.


The firms customers, on the other hand, now have to monitor their credit, change their passwords, initiate a fraud alert, and be diligent about watching their financial accounts and identities.

This costs them time and money from someone they trusted to be secure about protecting their sensitive information.   These clients have cause to pursue legal recourse for lost time, security and money, especially if they become a further victim.

We aren’t saying there is a guarantee to keep your company’s data from being breached because of the software or IT company you may use, but if you aren’t being proactive and paying attention, your security may be lacking which is going to cost you more in the long run.  EMCO also engineers multifaceted solutions that protect your data and make it difficult to breach.

Cyber criminals are smart and stealthy.  If you aren’t keeping up with them by investing in the right levels of security in terms of hardware and software, you are putting your business and your clients at-risk unnecessarily.   EMCO makes it our business to be smarter than the cyber criminals.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Investing in data security is more important now than ever. Not being proactive and prepared is going to affect your bottom line more than making the short term investment now.

Call us for a free consultation to review your current security protection and we’ll give you our best recommendations to protect your business and your client’s trust.


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